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Diagnostic Imaging Technology across the globe is rapidly creating new ways through which the medical industry can enhance our lives and save our health. 

We are focused on using these advanced imaging technologies and diagnostics methods, through which we can deliver the best diagnostic results to you. 

Expertise in Advanced Imaging Scans in all Radiography test's like

High Quality Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology

Setup of Advanced Imaging Technology Center and Pathology Lab maintaining Hygiene and Quality.

Unmatched Expertise

Experienced professional in the field of Imaging Radiography, Pathology and Multi-Specialty Doctors

Precise Result

Precise reports by experienced and highly qualified Radiologists and Pathologists.

Qualified Technical Staff

Our qualified and experienced technical and supportive staff strive to maintain and deliver quality services.


We have a specially devoted team of experienced and renowned Doctors who are highly qualified in their respective fields, to diagnose and treatment of the patients.  

Doctors from all the major Super Speciality Segments under One Roof are currently associated with all of Pune’s leading and major Hospitals.


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