Covid-19 Packages

It has been observed that, COVID-19 has left some long-term negative impacts on our body which may turn very threatening and serious. It certainly seems quite dangerous how the virus leaves such harmful effects on so many organs of the body including the immune response even after the viral load is depleted and even after taking the COVID Vaccine. Surya Diagnostics Center brings for you Covid 19 Packages to evaluate your immune system with certain tests & screening.

Covid-19 health packages includes test of infection, infection markers, Liver Conditions, Kidney conditons,Thyroid fundtions, Covid antibodies test, D Dimer,Specialized test for covid.Also include screening CT Scan of Chest, X Ray Chest.

If you symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, headache, loss of taste/smell or post covid symptomps like Fatigue, Fever,difficulty breathing or shortness of breath and cough then you can choose our Covid-19 health packages.


Price – 4260 Rs      2,999 Rs

Price- 6,210 Rs         4,555 Rs

Price- 14,210 Rs       10,950 Rs

Price- 10,710 Rs        8,155 Rs