Wellness Women’s Packages

It is important for every woman to develop healthy habits such as stress management, regular exercises and healthy diet to live longer. Besides that, a woman should regularly schedule health screenings to detect health issues early, where chances for treatment are better. Surya Diagnostics Center offers you the best Wellness Women’s Package for women to maintain good health & for health problems to the gravest ones.

Wellness Women’s Health Package includes test of infection markers, Liver Conditions, Diabetic mellitus,Thyroid functions, Kidney functions, Bone Health,Fluid Balance , Harmones test etc.Also includes screening like CT Scan of Brain,USG abdomen Pelvis,Sonomammography, X Ray chest,BMD,ECG.

If you have symptoms like pain or a burning sensation when urinating,pain in breast, Redness and swelling of the vulva, a burning sensation while urinating, abnormal vaginal discharge, nausea and vomiting, pain or tenderness in the stomach or lower abdomen etc then you can choose our Wellness Women’s Health Package.


Price6,220 Rs    4,399 Rs

Price10,470 Rs     7,799 Rs

Price13,070 Rs      9,879 Rs

Price17,370 Rs   13,519 Rs