Cardiac Packages

An in-depth cardiac assessment and heart screening has become need of todays generation. Early screening & detection can help avoid heart problems. Surya Diagnostics Center offers Cardiac Health Package with an in-depth screening & lab test for heart diseases. Cardiac Health Packages are suitable for individuals who want a basic assessment of their heart health or those who have a family history of heart disease.

Cardiac health packages includes lab tests for cardiac evaluation, infection markers, Liver Conditions,Kidney conditons,Thyroid fundtions, etc. Also includes screening like 2D Echo Cardiography, ECG, TMT (Stress Test).

If you have symptoms like Low & High blood pressure, Nausea. Headaches, Chest pain or discomfort, dizziness then you should go through our Cardiac health packages for better diagnosis.

Cardiac Silver

Price4120 RS        2850 Rs

Price–  6470 Rs       4750 Rs

Price–   9670 Rs       6950 Rs

Price–  12620 Rs      9550 Rs