Wellness Men Packages

In today’s busy life, men hardly get time to be active with respect to maintain healthy life. To lead a healthy life, Men should from time to time go for regular full body check-up for early detection of any disease and better treatment. Surya Diagnostics Center offers Wellness Men’s Package, which helps them to check the overall wellness and health. This package assesses all the important health parameters of men and gives a complete view of their present health status.

Wellness men’s Health Package includes test of infection markers, Liver Conditions, Diabetic mellitus,Thyroid functions, Kidney functions, Bone Health,Fluid Balance etc. Also includes screening like CT Scan of chest & brain,USG Abdomen Pelvis,X Ray chest & spine,BMD,ECG.

If you have symptoms like a burning feeling during urination, fever, nausea and vomiting, difficulty urinating, urinary blockage, or being unable to urinate, muscle aches, diarrhea etc then you can choose our Wellness men’s Health Package.


Price –  6,220 Rs      4,399 Rs

Price- 8,470 RS    6,199 Rs

Price – 12,970 Rs       9,799 Rs