Diabetic Packages

Diabetes is also considered as one of those diseases that a gigantic number of people are suffering from. However, fortunately there are several symptoms of diabetes which can be recognized easily, hence it is not challenging anymore to delay the treatment process. The Diabetic Health Packages of Surya Diagnostics Center are designed to diagnose health complications related to diabetes and helps in controlling and curing the same.

Diabetic health packages includes tests for Diabetic mellitus, Thyroid functions, Kidney functions, for infection markers, Liver Conditions, Fluid Balance etc.Most important screening tests like Carotid Doppler, USG Abdomen Pelvis,X Ray Chest,ECG also include with physician consultation.

If you have symptoms like Urinate a lot, often at night, very hungry, Feel very tired, Have very dry skin, Are very thirsty, Weight loss then you can choose our Diabetic Health Packages.

Diabetic Silver

Price – 4,620 Rs          3,300 Rs

Price- 6,370 Rs         4,400 Rs

Price – 9220 Rs         6280 Rs

Price – 14,820 Rs       10200 Rs