Preventive Packages

Healthy life is a virtue. But sustaining good health in today’s unhealthy environment can be quite a challenge. To help you maintain healthy life, Surya Diagnostic Center has come up with an all-inclusive Preventive Health Packages for diagnosis.

Preventive Health Packages includes tests for infection markers, Liver Conditions, Diabetic mellitus,Thyroid functions, Kidney functions, Bone Health. Also includes screening like X Ray, USG Abdomen Pelvis,Cardiac Evulation.

 If you have symptoms like fatigue, bone pain, weakness,pain in abdomen then can choose our preventive packages.


Price – 3,120 Rs    1,999 Rs

Price – 5,720 Rs    3,899 Rs

Price – 7,070 Rs    5,072 Rs

Price – 9,470 Rs    7019 Rs