Whole Body Packages

People often find excuses for not scheduling a yearly full-body check-up, and you may be one of them too. A full body check-up is a routine test done to assess the overall health status of a person. Surya Diagnostics Center offers the Whole-body Health Packages which includes wide range of lab tests and screening, any person can easily understand how much his or her body needs attention.

Whole Body health Packages includes tests for men & women like infection markers, Liver Conditions, Diabetic mellitus,Thyroid functions, Kidney functions, Bone Health,Fluid Balance,harmone test etc. Also includes screening like CT Scan of chest & brain,USG Abdomen Pelvis,Sonomammography, X Ray chest & spine,BMD,ECG.


Price – 32,970 Rs      25,800 Rs

Price – 36,370 Rs    28,500 Rs