Urine Micro-Albumin

What Is Albumin?
Egg whites is a protein your body utilizes for tissue development and fix. Yet, in the event that your kidneys aren’t working very right, egg whites begins to spill into your pee.
What Is a Microalbumin Urine Test?
A microalbumin pee test checks for little (or “miniature”) measures of egg whites in your pee – – at levels so little a customary pee test probably won’t track down them. It very well may be an indication of kidney infection.

Who Needs a Microalbumin Urine Test?
At the point when you learn about a medical problem from the get-go, you can frequently do whatever it takes to safeguard yourself and keep your body solid. On the off chance that you have diabetes or hypertension, something to pay special attention to is kidney sickness.

A microalbumin pee test helps since it can find kidney issues before they get excessively far.

Your kidneys channel your blood. They keep the great stuff your body needs and send the loss out through your pee.