Malaria Antigen Test

What is a Malaria antigen test?
A jMalaria  antigen test is a quick demonstrative test (RDT) that utilizes immunochromatographic techniques to distinguish malarial antigens (proteins) in your fringe blood. This aides in affirming the presence of the jungle fever parasite in your blood, and helps in showing up at a conclusion of jungle fever. This test essentially recognizes the presence of Plasmodium falciparum-a protozoa causing the most extreme type of intestinal sickness.

What is intestinal sickness?
Jungle fever is a possibly perilous illness brought about by the chomp of contaminated female Anopheles mosquito which sends the protozoa Plasmodium into your circulatory system. If untreated, intestinal sickness can prompt extreme grimness, however an ideal conclusion and intercession can prompt a rapid recuperation with practically no sequelae. There are 5 types of the parasite Plasmodium which can prompt jungle fever. These are-

– Plasmodium falciparum
– Plasmodium malariae
– Plasmodium ovale
– Plasmodium knowlesi
– Plasmodium vivax