Clinical Definition of HIV test. HIV test: A test for the human immunodeficiency infection, the reason for AIDS. HIV tests are intended to distinguish antibodies to the HIV infection or the HIV infection itself. The immunizer tests are: ELISA (compound connected immunosorbent examine): a screening test used to recognize contamination with HIV.

What Is HIV Testing? HIV testing, likewise called HIV screening, is the best way to be aware in the event that you have the infection. A few kinds of tests really take a look at your blood or other body liquids to see whether you’re tainted. Most can’t detect HIV immediately, on the grounds that it requires investment for your body to make antibodies or for enough of the infection to develop inside you.

Significance of HIV Testing for Prevention of HIV Infection
Individuals with HIV who realize their status can seek HIV treatment (called antiretroviral treatment or ART) and stay smart for a long time. Concentrates on show that the sooner individuals start HIV treatment after analysis, the more they benefit. HIV treatment diminishes how much HIV in the blood (called viral burden), decreases HIV-related sickness, and forestalls transmission to other people. Individuals with HIV who accept HIV treatment as endorsed and get and keep an imperceptible viral burden (or remain virally stifled) won’t communicate HIV to their sex accomplices.

Individuals who get tried and learn they don’t have HIV can settle on conclusions about sex, drug use, and medical care that can help forestall HIV. Taking HIV medication called pre-openness prophylaxis (PrEP) is exceptionally powerful for forestalling HIV.

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