A blood test, called a HCV immunizer test, is utilized to see whether somebody has at any point been tainted with the hepatitis C infection. The HCV neutralizer test, now and again called the counter HCV test, searches for antibodies to the hepatitis C infection in blood
What is HCV test side effects?
At the point when signs and side effects are available, they might incorporate jaundice, alongside weariness, sickness, fever and muscle hurts. Intense side effects seem one to 90 days after openness to the infection and most recent two weeks to 90 days.

Why HCV test is finished?
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You can be tainted with the hepatitis C infection (HCV) and have no side effects. Your primary care physician could find it when they really take a look at your blood and see that your level of specific liver compounds is high. Assuming that occurs, they’ll circle back to different tests to affirm you have the sickness.